Jen Bare Her Breasts For Cash

Serg and his buddy, Joe from Big Naturals were cruising on their way to work when they spotted this amazing looking chick while pumping gas. With camera in hand, the two boys pull up, approach the lovely young woman, and pulling their "pimp-daddy" routine together, they strike up a conversation.

She introduces herself as Jen, and Joe explains that they saw those beautiful breasts of hers, and just had to stop. This is right when things get interesting. Jen's handsome black boyfriend emerges from the store, and joins in the conversation. At first he seems a little perturbed at the boys filming his girl, but he quickly opens up.


Like real pimps, his presence never phases the boys. They ask what the two of them are up to today, and Jen informs them she's on her way to work. Serg's buddy gets an idea. "How much you make at work?"

"Eleven an hour," Jen says.

Not missing a beat, Joe says, "Shit. I can give you ten times that for about a couple hours work". The look on Jen's boyfriend's face says he finds the offer pretty interesting. That's when Joe and Serge explain to the couple to that if they're interested in fucking on camera, the money's theirs'. Who's gonna give up a few hundred bucks to slave away at the mall for pennies? Fuck, one thing's for sure, it ain't Jen or her man..


The couple agrees, and after parking their car around the corner, jump in Joe and Serge's Benz, and head to the "studio". On the way there, Joe asks to get a quick peek at those fine titties, and Jen's man obliges, pulling her top open to reveal Jen's big bouncy boobies capped with perky brown nipples. "Damn," is all Joe had to say.

Back at the studio, Jen strips for the camera, opening her red corset to get those massive tits out. After squeezing her nips and playing with her tits, her boyfriend lends a hand, pulling Jen's red satin panties down, and showing her full pubic bush to the camera. Under that bush, the camera clearly captures two tattoos in her nether parts - a panther, and her name! Even though its a hairy cunt, its still a sweet looking pussy.


While Jen never gets completely naked in this video, her boyfriend does. She spends a few minutes slurping on his big black dick, getting it hard for some intense fucking. Once that cock was ready, Jen climbed on for some cowgirl, making those giant jugs bounce with every buck of her ass.

One thing's for sure, this young couple can fuck! Jen's boyfriend nails her in a unique variation of "froggy-style, then pounds her from behind in a standing, spread-legged, modified doggy-style. Man, you have to in great shape to fuck like that!


For the finale, Jen gets on her back while her man grabs her ankles, and drives that monster black dick in her tight snatch until she screams in orgasm. Soon after she climaxes, Jen's man humps her cunt furiously until he can't take anymore, pulling out just in time to spray her pretty face, and humongous "lady lumps" with his big load of cum. Jen even sits up to show the camera how his sperm drips off those big titties.

All in all, that's fuckin' money well earned!


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